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Bao Bao House-Delights in Serving the “Best Food, Good Food!”

29 March 2021

Bao Bao House delights in serving the “Best Food, Good Food,” which, based on TripAdvisor, ranks 4 of 26 Chinese Restaurants in Eugene and 105 of 429 Restaurants in Eugene and gains 1,123 followers and 1,086 likes on the Facebook page. Another recognition was in 2018 with a tagline, “People love Bao Bao House on Yelp!” 

Grab now the amazing veg Bao Zi, a blend of healthy but yummy ingredients: Capsella bursa-pastoris, rice noodles, black fungus, dried tofu. You’ll like the unique texture of puffy on the top and crispy on the bottom.

Come and don’t miss out their delicious cuisines. Visit their website and place order through a no-contact take out service.


Online order:

Address: 868 W Park Street Eugene, OR 97401

Phone: +1 541-799-1088

Schedule: 11:00 am- 3:00 pm Everyday except Tuesday

Facebook Page:

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