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Creswell Bakery-The Top Farm-to-Table Bakery in the Region

10 March 2021

Cresswell Bakery is one of the town’s favorite food destinations. It has a 4.5 out of rating on TripAdvisor.  Cresswell earns 5,029 likes and 5,244 followers on Facebook.

Customers truly  love the Cresswell Bakery extensive options for bread made from local ingredients straight from the bakery’s farm just 3 miles down the road. Surely, you’ll love the famous savory Hot Meat Pie with ground beef smoked on-site. Like  the other Creswell Bakery customers, they  can’t get enough of those!

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Address: 182 S 2nd St, Creswell, Oregon 97426

Phone Number: 541-895-5885



Facebook Page:


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