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Eugene Mission

1542 W 1st Ave, Eugene, OR 97402, USA

About Eugene Mission

3.9 / 5

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    LaDonna King
    March 09, 2021

    R3 stands for Rescue, Revitalize, & Restore. Rescue = 2 week quarantine. Revitalize = brain washing, Restore=reintegration to society. Mandatory faith based unaccredited classes taught by staff. Truly the closest to big brother ever.

    Jimmy Once
    March 05, 2021

    After suffering a severe Mental and Physical Health crisis, with nowhere and no one to turn to, I was 'Rescued' on October 9th, 2020 by Marshall and Tabitha Eck. I will never forget the kindness and compassion I was shown by Marshall, Tabitha, and the many Staff Members during my brief stay. My life 'Revitalized,' committed to embracing the program, my sobriety, and wellness shared among my many peers, I am made humble by my experience. To the many Volunteers that graciously served us, you are an inspiration. To the loving people of Lane County, I am in your debt. Your continued contributions to your Community, to your Mission, has and will continue to save and change lives. And, last but not least, my friends, the many peers I grew to love and appreciate - I will never forget you. It is because of you, our shared struggle, your humility and empathy, that my life has been 'Restored.' I pray for your continued growth and well-being. My time at the Eugene Mission will remain one of the most beautiful and memorable experiences of my life. To those in need, to those in crisis... If you're willing to embrace sobriety, wellness, and are willing to contribute, do not hesitate to reach out to Marshall and Tabitha Eck at the Eugene Mission.

    Ox Moron
    March 03, 2021

    This mission right here. Changes lives. Praise God.

    Nicole Latour
    January 28, 2021

    This place isn't a shelter it's a prison. The staff say they care but dont and they lie. Your on camera 24/7. It's big brother! The food is terrible, your never praised for anything you do good only chastised. if you value your freedom stay away!

    Buck Pucker
    January 25, 2021

    So much about this organization needs reformatted. Staff are either overly draconian about rules or completely lost. If you're looking for civility and professionalism from staff look elsewhere. You'll be potentially kicked out for something as simple as forgetting to make a bed but fistfights and aggresion are for some reason overlooked. Meals are lately unbalanced and scarce. If you don't get to the serving table early you likely won't get any food. If you're thirsty enjoy drinking tap water out of the fountain in the bathroom. If you're disabled expect to be disregarded and discriminated against instead of being accomodated for. Enjoy working or volunteering 20+ hours a week and going to classes while still being treated like garbage (or at best) swept under the rug. The mission doesn't help get you into housing. You must figure that out for yourself. Enjoy being stereotyped, talked down to, and treated like a drug addicted lazy miscreant by Marshall Eck, the director. The commercials make the Mission seem like such a caring place that will help you get back on your feet but that's mostly a facade. Either way, it is a bed and better than sleeping outside. 2/5 stars

    Eugene Mission

    Our Address

    1542 W 1st Ave, Eugene, OR 97402, USA

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