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Erin’s Table – Unforgettable Community Kitchen That Serves and Cares

11 March 2021

Erin’s Table was born because of Erin’s desire to provide easy and healthy food for cancer patients. Erin’s Table undoubtedly gains a 5 out of 5 rating on Facebook and 1,311 likes and 1,388 followers.

What are the good deeds behind Erin’s Table? It has grown since it started and has now worked with different local organizations to feed their community in various ways. The customers genuinely love their easy to prepare and delicious freezer meals. They also love their cooking class for young kids and the fact that this local business cares and helps its fellowmen.

Various ready-to-make meals are affordable. More exciting events are waiting for you to check out! Erin’s Table promotes some easy to prepare meals and upholds to contribute to helping the community simultaneously with Erin’s Table.

Get your ready-make-meals here:


Address: 1203 Willamette Alley, Eugene OR 97401

Phone Number: +1 541-914-7611



Facebook Page:








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