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Greetings to Franz Bakery- Happy 115th Birthday!

2 April 2021

Franz Bakery,  Happy 115th Birthday! Franz Bakery is a fourth-generation, family-owned baking company based in Portland, OR, established in 1906. It has come a long way since it started bread delivery by horse in the 1920s.

Franz Bakery shares pertinent Recipes for Success- “The sky’s the limit when using bread that tastes this good alone.” Google reviews give Franz Bakery 4.4 out of 5, and the Facebook page shows 43,864 Likes and 42,940 Followers.
The sky’s the limit when using bread that tastes this good alone.

Here is the information to learn more about their recipes:

Address: 2000 Nugget, Springfield, Oregon,

Phone No.: +1 541-485-8211




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