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Nature’s Most Potent Raw Apple Cider Vinegar Tonic

13 May 2021

Let’s help Annie Fisher get her products out, please. I’ve been taking this cider tonic every after a meal, and it’s been helping my stomach discomfort.
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A complex, savory, sweet, spicy, tangy elixir that harnesses qualities of various medicinal botanicals to support immune function, digestive health, detoxification, reduced inflammation, vitality, and balance.
Take 1 tablespoon as needed 1-3X per day for vibrant health & well-being. For more acute symptoms/illness, sip steadily throughout the day.
Ingredients: Raw apple cider vinegar*, onion*, raw Oregon blackberry honey, ginger*, garlic*, horseradish root*, turmeric*, cinnamon chips*, rosehips*, burdock root*, elderberries*, black peppercorns*, cayenne pepper*, ashwagandha root*, astragalus root*, reishi mushroom*, yarrow*, echinacea root*, echinacea herb*, lemon juice/rind*, grapefruit juice/rind*, Chaga mushroom*, rosemary*, thyme*, oregano*, jalapeno pepper*, habanero pepper*, & LOVE.
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